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CAJE St. Louis - Special Needs-Hebrew Education
The “Kulanu: All of Us” Hebrew Program developed as a result of CAJE’s recognition that not all students learn in the same way. Kulanu provides Hebrew and some Judaic education for children, who, for a variety of reasons, have difficulty in a classroom situation. The program focuses on the particular needs and strengths of each child with special needs through individualized Hebrew and Judaic instruction. Students come from all areas of the community.

Students enrolled in the Kulanu Program develop a sense of Jewish identity through learning the basics of Judaism through the Hebrew language. Individual tutors instruct students in Hebrew skills, prayers, and holiday observance. Each child’s educational plan is developed and implemented in partnership with families, tutors, and congregations.

Admission into the program is based on parental input, teacher recommendations, CAJE recommendations, and the approval of the Rabbi or Educational Director at the student’s congregation. The program generally serves students from third grade through seventh grade. Each student receives either 24 hours of private tutorial sessions. Individualized flexible goals are developed for each student, which are based on the curriculum that the student would have received in a Hebrew school, where appropriate; when this is not possible, an alternative curriculum, appropriate to the student’s learning needs and style, is followed.

For more information contact Maxine Goldman Weil, Senior Education Program Director, at (314) 442-3757 or mweil@cajestl.org.

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Parent Testimonials

     "Our son Matthew has greatly benefited from the Kulanu program for the last three years – he learns best through one-on-one tutoring, and Joyce Olshan has provided Matthew with the attention that he needs.  Joyce discovered the best way for Matthew to learn, and importantly, retain Hebrew, a difficult challenge given his personal struggles with speech and language.    As Matthew gets ready for his Bar Mitzvah in 2012, we know that this foundation will ensure this is a meaningful and memorable experience in his Jewish life."

          - Michael Rubin and Jackie Levin

     "Tamara’s Dyslexia makes it difficult to read English, so I never thought she could really learn the Hebrew prayers.  The one on one instruction that Kulanu provides is personalized to the needs of my child.  Her teacher found a way to use Tamara’s strengths, like singing, to her advantage, and make the lessons a positive experience.  She is now fully prepared for her Bat Mitzvah.  I am so proud of all she has accomplished."

         - Rachel Miller

     "This program has been great!  I so appreciate the sensitivity of the Jewish community to the existence of kids with special needs and the existence of the "KULANU" program.  My son has done well with it and the program has enabled him to succeed in learning Hebrew, without which his experience would have probably been very frustrating for him.  Thank you so much."

     "My son could have never made it through four years of Hebrew school without the KULANU program and his tutoring.  He has learned so much and enjoyed it, too, which is just as important."

     "Our son's tutor never failed to address my child's strengths and positive progress.  When appropriate she gently encouraged areas that needed attending to.  A program is only as strong as each individual teacher.  How lucky we were (yes-- I mean "we," our family) that he was matched his tutor.  Her professionalism (always planned, prepared, well thought-out lessons) was complimented by her genuine heartfelt fondness and sincere caring for her education and well being.  She is a teacher to be celebrated!  She has touched our family and her lessons of Hebrew, Judaism, and life are a reflection of her commitment to teaching excellence.  Thank you."

    "A wonderful experience for my child.  She's learned and been relaxed and comfortable...I am so grateful that you were able to place my child in the program.  She has a much better attitude toward Hebrew and learning the language. 

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