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CAJE St. Louis Community Education FairCAJE serves as a major resource for Jewish educators in St. Louis. Explore the many ways and means for teachers to take advantage of the wonderful services that CAJE has to offer.

“Jewish education is ultimately about people. The essential educational act is the encounter of student and teacher. Without committed, talented people to serve as teachers and without educational leaders who organize and manage the frameworks within which teachers teach and students learn, there cannot be outstanding Jewish education,” states Jonathan Woocher.  

From “Providing for the Jewish Future: Report of the Task Force on Professional Recruitment, Development, Retention, and Placement,” JESNA, 2003

CAJE St. Louis Community Education Fair

CAJE is deeply committed to nurturing teachers by providing resources for them year-round through programs such as the Teacher Certification Program, Education Fair and Cutter Creativity Center. CAJE is involved in looking at teacher retention and recruitment – helping congregations and the community with incentives for teachers.  


Abraham Joshua Heschel taught,

What we need more than anything else is not textbooks but text people. It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read; the text they will never forget.   

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