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Jewish Family Educators' Network Professional Opportunities

Jewish Family Educators' Network

Star Chamber Jewish Family Educators Network Havdalah Under the Stars
Families enjoy the Star Chamber at the
James S. McDonnell Planetarium during the
Havdalah Under the Stars Family Event

The Jewish Family Educators’ Network, comprised of Jewish family educators in local congregations and agencies, meets monthly to network, plan community-wide programs such as “Havdalah Under the Stars,” share resources and engage in professional in-service development activities.




Professional Opportunities


The Consortium for Jewish Family Life, formerly known as the Shirley and Arthur Whizin Institute, is committed to educating professionals and lay people who are interested in creating and implementing Jewish family education. The central vehicle for this work is a conference held annually.

The goal of the Consortium is to enable participants to return to their home institutions with an understanding of Jewish family education based on the theory, models, skills, and planning processes taught during the course.

For more information about Jewish family education programming in St. Louis, please contact Joan Wolchansky, Director, Family Jewish Education, at (314) 442-3760.

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