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Jayne Langsam
Concierge for Familes with Young Children

I am here to provide personalized services to link your family with Jewish resources that meet your needs in St. Louis. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at jlangsam@jfedstl.org or call at (314) 442-3870.

Please forward the e-bulletin to all your friends and fellow preschool families. Encourage them to subscribe if they like. I welcome any feedback.

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More Information about Jayne and the Concierge Program

A former early childhood center director, Langsam has strong ties to our community having grown up here and rearing her family in St. Louis. She has carefully mapped out her approach. She said, “My job is all about connections with those I know and those whom I’ve never met. It’s calling, emailing, using social media such as facebook and meeting with people face to face, getting out into the community to see and be seen. I’m going to informal places where families of young parents hang out – congregations, preschools, playgrounds, book clubs, coffee shop, yoga classes, and community events. I’m also finding people through such resources as Shalom Baby, the PJ Library and talking to people in Jewish Federation agencies, on boards, and using JewishinStLouis to show young families what our community has to offer.”

She’s quick to note that some people she contacts are involved in the community; others are not. “For those who use community resources, it’s a matter of strengthening ties, learning what they’re doing now and encouraging that involvement. For those who aren’t, it’s finding out what they want and need from the Jewish community,” she said. Once a contact is made, she’ll ask that person to recommend two or three others to reach and the two or three people will each recommend two or three more people and it builds from there. It’s the proverbial domino effect.


CAJE St. Louis - Concierge Babysitter Emergency Contact MagnetBabysitter Emergency Contact Magnets

Babysitter Emergency Contact magnets are a hot commodity! After meeting with many Families with Young Children, community concierge Jayne Langsam found that many of these families did not have an emergency contact list for babysitters, did not know all of the right questions to ask, and did not know the availability of Jewish resources in our community. These magnets provide all three and can be posted in a convenient place.

“Knowing that all my important information, like health insurance and emergency contacts, is already posted for my child’s caregiver when I’m not at home gives me piece of mind. It’s really helpful that I don’t have to write it down every time I leave,” said Jessica Litwack, mom of Ruby.
For more information or to get a magnet, contact Jayne Langsam: jlangsam@jfedstl.org or (314) 442-3870. If you have more than two children, please let Jayne know and she will be happy to provide you with as many as necessary.

The Concierge is here to support families with young children
wherever they are along their journey.

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