Shalom Shabbat


Subject: Shalom Shabbat

Target: All Members of the Community

Time Frame : Several Friday Nights

Congregation: Bais Abraham

Contributor: Rabbi Hyim Shafner


Shalom Shabbat is a Friday night event at which a singing and dancing Carlebach service is held followed by dinner.  Prior to the event, people that sign up receive a free CD of the songs that will be sung as well as a CD of Friday night songs that will be sung at the meal.


To encourage families to continue using what they have learned, songs, rituals and explanations in their homes.


Families come together to learn Shabbat songs they did not know before, and to create an inspiring learning opportunity for them to learn more about Friday night rituals.

Target Population

This program is targetted for all members of the community.


Shalom Shabbat takes place in the synagogue.  One needs space for people to pray and dance and a separate space for them to eat.

Staff and Specialists

For about 100 people, 2 chair people and 5 additional volunteers are needed.  They recruit, mail out materials, lead services and dancing, give D'var Torah, and provide running explanations for the rituals as they happen.


  1. Copies of Shlomo Carlebach’s Shabbos in Shamayim CD - one for each family;
  2. Copies of Livnot’s song booklets - one for each family;
  3. Prayer Books; Dinner

Program Activities

  1. 10 minute welcome and short word of torah related to kabbalat Shabbat;
  2. 1 hour Carlebach service;
  3. 2 hours set aside for Friday night meal with rituals, explanations, traditional songs, and birkat hamazon.


Major expenses include the cost of the CDs and the dinner.

References and Resources

Shabbos in Shomayim by Shlomo Carlebach can be found at 
Songbooks can be purchased from has CDs with Shabbat songs.