Planting a Biblical Garden

Subject: Planting a Biblical Garden

Target: Parents and Children Ages 3-12

Time Frame: Ongoing throughout the year

Congregation: B’nai Torah

Contributor: Jack Cohen


Parents and children select the biblical plants, bushes, trees and flowers that they wish to plant on the grounds of the Temple in a Biblical Garden. Each family signs up to water and weed the garden. Families prepare a “show and tell” about their selections.


To provide the participants with a project that will grow year after year as a constant reminder to them that they planted the seed or seedling and nurtured it.


To give each family the pride of seeing their plant take root and grow.

To bring families together in an activity that strengthens their understanding and belief in God and Judaism.

Target Population

The parents and children ages 3 - 12.


The front lawn of the Temple

Staff and Specialists

Someone who is knowledgeable and who enjoys gardening, and who has established a good relationship with a local nursery.


Everything needed to plant the garden is provided except tools, which are provided by the participants. A plaque will be placed at the entrance to the garden identifying the participants.


Each family receives a letter inviting them to participate.  Participating families receive a deck of the “Plants of the Bible” playing cards published by Heritage Playing Card Company and a list of those that will thrive in Missouri.  This deck of 54 cards has a different plant on each card. The cards refer to the Book, Chapter and Verse that mentions the plant shown on the card. Once families choose a plant, they look in the Bible to determine in what context the reference was made.

Program Activities

Once families choose their plant, the facilitator orders them.  When the exact plant is not available, a similar plant can be chosen.

Families come together to plant and then sign up for one week of watering and weeding.  At B’nai Torah, this was called the “Pray for Rain Club”.  Stepping stones were made for the garden and a bench was placed in the garden.


The major cost is for the plants.


References and Resources

“Plants of the Bible” playing cards published by Heritage Playing Card Company.  They can be purchased online from