Holiday Museum


Subject: Jewish Holiday Exhibits

Target: Preschool through Teens and their Parents

Time Frame: Ongoing throughout the school year

Congregation: United HEbrew Congregation

Contributor: Cheryl Whatley


Create Hall exhibits with displays and with materials for families to take home with them.


By providing background and facts about Jewish holidays in an appealing format, parents have information to share with their children.


Parents and children do activities together relating to the holidays.

Target Population

Preschool through teens and their parents


School Hallway

Staff and Specialists

People  to prepare and change exhibits


Learning sheets; holiday books and artifacts; games and stories to use at the museum or to take home; art activities to do at the exhibit or take home; recipes to try at home


  1. Create colorful headlines and displays
  2. Put up Did You Know tidbits of information to be read (also on handout to take home
  3. Put out holiday recipes
  4. Put out storybooks to be read on site
  5. Put out copies of stories, text, history, etc. on handouts to be taken home
  6. Put out artwork to do on site or instructions of projects to do at home
  7. Create puzzles to do on site
  8. Put out artifacts relating to the holiday
  9. List mitzvot of the holiday and also tzedakah/gimilut chasadim opportunities for the holiday to be done personally or within the congregation

Program Activities

This can include a docent as part of family education program relating to a holiday.  It can also be self- guided.


This varies depending on the complexity of the displays.  Initial costs include several hundred dollars for display units, signs, racks and glass cases for artifacts that can’t be handled.


Docent responses when used with a docent present.  Count of activity and information pages taken lets one know which are well received.