Book Publishing Project

Subject: Book Publishing Project

Target: Parents and Children

Time Frame : Ongoing throughout the School Year

Congregation: B’nai Torah

Contributor: Jack Cohen


This project brings families together to take photographs and write captions for those photographs that begin with, “We Believe in G-d Because ... ”. Each family submits its best photos and a book is published with 2-3 photos from each participating family. Each family is given two copies of the book.


To provide an experience for parents and children that strengthens their belief that everything is created by God and that we are surrounded by miracles if we just look for them.


To bring families together in an activity that strengthens their understanding and belief in God and Judaism.

To give each family the pride of becoming a published author.

Target Poplulation

Parents and children


Photographs are taken at home, the zoo, the Botanical garden, while participants are on vacation - everywhere that the participants see the miracle of God’s creation.

Staff and Specialists

Someone is needed with the ability to process the photos that are submitted into a computer format suitable for printing.


Disposable cameras are provided to each family who then give the editor the photographs or disks. The editor uses a scanner, and a computer with software for processing and editing photographs and/or disks.


A letter requesting participation is sent to all eligible families. Discussions about the project are held during Sunday School.

Preparation of a ready-to-print software package.


The major cost is for the disposable cameras and the printing of books.


Many of the participants submitted family photos and photos of their children with a caption that thanked God for His gift of family and children. Other photos showed scenes of natural beauty, and there was one with tombstones. The published book contained 36 photos. The project was a major success.

References and Resources

Coordination with a digital printing specialist for guidance in obtaining a high quality finished product.